Best Wedding Photography Camera – Canon R6

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this time today we are talking about my
first wedding experience
with the canon r6

Best Wedding Camera – Canon R6

that’s not that song my bad
yeah check out this weird composition
sorry about the weird composition
disappointed with the weird composition
yeah what was i thinking
it looked great on the lcd
but now it looks terrible
i even tried to crop with bars but this
frame is not repairable
that was a nice song wasn’t it welcome
to today’s video we’re in a different
spot usually we’re at the studio but
we’re going away tomorrow so i figured i
would get this video
at least recorded so i can post it
i’m gonna make it a little more canon in
here got this this red light
that did a lot less than i expected it
to do
i photographed my first wedding with the
canon r6 and i did not intend to
photograph that wedding with the canon
r6 i brought the the nikon z5 and i
brought my d850
and i arrived and within i would say
20 minutes i was like oh like i’ll try
it out for a few shots and i was
very impressed and then i kept using it
throughout the rest of the day and then
i was like ah like i won’t photograph
the ceremony with it i’ll go back to my
my trusty nikon equipment
and then i just kept shooting with it
and it was a lot of fun
i’m going to walk you through my my
learning experience
with the canon r6 and how much i just
truly enjoyed taking images with it
my kit was i only have i guess two
lenses have this 35 that’s on here
i’ve used this 35 with the canon rp and
the canon r which i’ve also enjoyed
but i have always been a little bit
turned off from the fact that there’s
only one card slot and while like best
use case you load everything off by usbc
if you’re gonna have a card failure it’s
likely going to be
popping the card out putting in a card
reader something could go wrong there
so load it out by usbc if you only have
one card
that also might be good practice if
you’re a hybrid shooter so if you’re
doing both photography
and video coverage one of the downsides
i guess to speak immediately to all the
cons of the camera after
setting it up so well is that the video
files will only write to one
single card so you’re still shooting one
card for video but
photos will will go to both i’d like to
see a firmware update if possible that
would make my life
so much happier the other thing maybe to
mention off the top that’s been a bit of
a controversial point not as
controversial as the
sony a7 s3 that has 12 megapixels but
this camera has 20 megapixels
which i believe to be perfect for
weddings i think 20 to
24 is kind of perfect i think my d5 was
around 20 and 20 point something
and i am i don’t need 45 megapixels i
don’t need a canon r5 for the wedding
day i don’t even need the full
resolution of my nikon d850 which is my
usual main wedding day camera i shoot
that on medium raw which means i’m
shooting i think 24 megapixels
so i’m very happy with 20 megapixels
another thing i’m very happy about is
just having silent shooting and
even if you are on the mechanical
shutter it’s a very quiet shutter so
it’s it’s nice to know
specifically when you’re doing photos
with couples they almost want to hear
that that button press if you’re
shooting completely silent during the
photo session with the two of them it’s
it’s going to be a little bit weird
so you want a little bit of noise but i
think that it’s kind of the perfect the
amount of noise coming out of that and
wedding day it’s a little it’s nice that
it just kind of blends into the
background and if you want to turn on
electronic shutter and you don’t want
any noise to happen you can do that
uh depending on where you’re at i think
getting ready coverage it’s like when
everybody’s quiet there’s music i feel
like it hides your shutter but
if the music is low or you’re in a room
that there’s not a lot of noise
happening and you come in there and
you’re blasting frames away it’s nicer
to be on a silent shutter i think in
that situation
uh the other thing i found myself using
a lot that i did not think that i was
going to be using
is from the evf to the actual lcd
i shot off the lcd quite a lot more than
i would have expected
i’ve spoken to this in the past that
actually four wedding days in the past
have just enjoyed the
regular not a full articulating screen
just the up down one
simply because it’s just kind of an
extra motion to make a full articulating
screen and then you have a screen
sticking out the side and if you put up
to your face it’s a little bit weird
so in the past i preferred it but i
definitely saw
how much it can help me out specifically
weird elevation environments so doing
family photos i was
significantly higher it was raining so
we kind of had to hide everybody in a
certain area
and i was standing over here and rather
than like crouching down and shooting
family formals like i’m some sort of
weirdo on a hill
and it’s not a thing that i would have
anticipated if like i read the specs of
this i’m not like oh that’s really going
to help me out but on the wedding day it
was actually
really really helpful another
experiential part of the
the camera that i really really do love
a lot is when you actually are putting
putting your face into the evf the
is very seamless and it almost by the
time your
face gets close enough i feel like it
switches and as you get closer it looks
like you’re looking through an optical
viewfinder i know that you can adjust
sensitivities but i feel like the r6
just really has that transition really
nice it looks like you’re just
going into an optical viewfinder that
displays life better than an optical
if you’ve never shot an evf by the end
of the night in dancing and when
everything gets dark and you’re
in your in your camera and you look
around the world you’re like that’s what
it actually looks like out here looks so
much better through
my camera to speak to one of the things
that i absolutely love about this camera
it is the autofocus the autofocus is
absolutely incredible i shot the 85
1.2 at pretty much 1.2 for most of the
and i’m gonna if i had to take count i’m
gonna guess of the
i shot 4 500 shots because it shoots
really fast and it’s really fun so i
very much overshot that like six hour
day but i would suspect
of those 4 500 shots that i that i took
i’m gonna say 40 480
are in focus on the subject that i
actually wanted focus on
it seems like when i look through and
i’m i see a scene
it just knows where to focus on within
that scene so
shout out to whoever programmed or the
team that is in charge of just
the decision making because it’s really
really phenomenal and it was something
really did exceed all my expectations
and that’s one of the reasons why when
i started shooting with it i just never
put it down again because it was it was
so interesting to see
myself working so well in the past i’ve
always shot single point auto focus
which means i’m i’m moving the point
around and picking exactly what i want
to be in focus
this is the first time that i let the
camera just just do what it wanted
and it really really did a phenomenal
job and it is so scary after 15 years to
to drop from single auto focus point to
letting the camera make those decisions
i did not want to be put in a position
where i
quickly had to override something
especially during the ceremony when when
haley and her dad were walking towards
us or
that really did give me anxiety and it
worked out
so much better than i ever could have
imagined so uh shout out to the to the
canon team programming that because
i i really am just completely blown i
feel like it’s dark enough now that i
turn my light on
the evf really does it just feels like
halloween doesn’t it
i’ll take it down the evf doesn’t feel
like it’s digital if it has a sense of
reality and it feels like you’re
you’re in the environment it doesn’t
look like you’re looking at a screen by
any means so i think that’s really cool
and then also the other thing that just
just blew me away was the
low light sensitivity of the sensor and
at iso
i’ll put it on the screen whatever this
was shot at but it was
this was a test image i was like how
high can this go and
on the back of the camera it was still
giving me great looking images with very
little noise
at isos that are completely unreasonable
just a general wedding note i would
suspect that
i would never really have to shoot over
10 000 iso if i’m shooting in a 10
000 iso environment i’m shooting
somewhere that’s completely dark that
people can’t see each other
especially with a 1.2 prime but um it’s
nice to know that
there is really not a whole lot of limit
to how far you can push it
and especially if you’re getting that
exposure right in camera the the files
look really really great so um
low light just absolutely phenomenal
which is very important
to wedding photographers and very
important if you’re shooting lenses that
aren’t the super expensive crazy heavy
uh 1.2
85. to speak to a few of the negatives i
guess um
the biggest one being price that it’s
quite expensive to
one to purchase the camera and two to
get into the the
canon r ecosystem entirely it is really
all of the lenses okay so maybe i’ll
preface this with all of the current
lenses for the most part
are quite expensive but there are the f2
versions and
f 1.8 versions on the way as well so if
you don’t want to carry around
um i don’t even know what the the
combined weight of the r6 and that 85
1.2 are but
it’s like it’s it’s quite heavy to have
out there on a full wedding day
uh so i might suggest if that’s not a
lens you’re going to be using all the
for me my 85 is like the lens that i
just use all the time so i’m happy to
have that and i’m happy to carry the
weight for it
but if it’s not something you’re going
to use all the time look at the new the
the canon 85 f2 that’s coming out with
image stabilization in the lens as well
as in the body like that’s gonna be
it’s gonna be a really nice combo so i
would suspect with that combination of
ingredients you’ll be able to create
some good things and your wrists won’t
be sore at the end of the day
another note that i’m sure you’re well
aware of is the overheating
aspect of things i didn’t experience any
overheating when that when i was out
i again i don’t shoot 4k video so i’m
potentially maybe never going to have
any real issues with it i shoot hd video
but i do
photography and video hybrid coverage at
the same time so
that does make me a little bit nervous
if that’s going to be a problem
but hopefully that’s a that’s a firmware
solution at some point i know there’s
already some hacks and stuff out there
for it but
i did not experience it on a full
wedding day shooting a heck of a lot of
that is my experience and i’ll update
the comments or update the description
if i do discover that but as of right
now i don’t see it being a problem for
photography and hd
video coverage so yeah i am super happy
with the camera i love
that it’s just it’s such an organic evf
experience it does not feel digital the
images are all
like the autofocus really does just make
the right selects and
to maybe even speak to the image quality
and i’m sure it’s a combination of the
r6 with the really expensive super heavy
but the way the images come together it
so much better than any canon camera
that i’ve ever shot before
uh it feels all i guess the easiest
that i can make is when you’re
photographing with a leica camera like a
or a q or really anything it seems that
leica their programmers know how to have
the the camera makes the correct
decisions for white balances for
exposures that you can
really just kind of set that camera to
aperture priority and you can just go
out and you don’t have to worry about
too much you don’t set your iso you let
that run auto you
you can let the camera make a lot of
decisions and the images come back
i’m gonna say it’s quite the same for
the r6 that i let this camera do a lot
more of the decision
making than i would normally do and the
way that the files all look straight out
of the camera the jpegs
i’m just super happy with it so
phenomenal camera if you have
the the money for it it’s it’s
definitely a great purchase
and there is already a great lineup of
lenses what i am personally waiting for
are the wider end of the primes that i
either i would say i i would really like
to have
a 24 1.4 or even a 24
f2 to natively fit on i know i can go
through the adapter but
i’d rather have native glass and if i
could run that on two camera bodies a 24
on one and the 85
1.2 on the other i feel like that would
be an absolute world-class
solution for wedding photographers
anywhere so those are my thoughts
i will bring you more as i as i continue
to use the camera but
as somebody that has photographed a lot
of cameras i think that this is really
the i would i’m gonna maybe even call it
the wedding photography camera of the
um i know the year’s not done yet but as
of right now i would say that that’s
where it sits
if you have the budget if you’re a
working pro and you have a lot of
weddings coming in and you do need the
gear that this is
the solution for you especially if
you’ve made it this far into a video
about the r6 you’re probably
you’re probably already at least
three-quarters serious about it um
so yeah i’m super happy with it as a
dude that
literally has a nikon show um and
now i’m shooting this and i’m having a
great time so uh thanks for being here
thanks for not making fun of my
my red light i really thought that that
would do a lot better but it’s just like
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world for you so um
yeah super happy with this camera and i
think that you will be too
i’m kind of happy with this light could
it the light could have gone better
i had real big hopes for the light see
you next time yeah
check out this weird composition
sorry about the weird